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Mission, description, staff, and other information about the NFCYM

Management Committees

Adult Training and Certification Management Committee

This management committee shall promotes professionalism through the call to and formation of adults in Catholic Youth Ministry. The management committee oversees, and assesses NFCYM’s work relative to training, accreditation of programs, and certification of those who serve the young church; conducts appropriate research, and develops programs for adult leadership formation in Catholic youth ministry including the biennial National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM).

Advocacy Management Committee

This management committee shall assess, identify, develop, implement and evaluate resources and initiatives which advocate for youth and their families, specific ethnic and cultural groups, and youth ministry leaders, with a special emphasis on the marginalized and those at-risk.

Communications and Publishing Management Committee

This management committee shall coordinates communication on behalf of the membership. This includes new publishing projects, electronic media, and revisions of existing publications. Additionally, the CPMC advises staff on the publication of resources addressing extraordinary circumstances.

Finance and Marketing Management Committee

This management committee shall oversee, develop, implement, and evaluate all issues related to budget, banking, grants, investments, financial reporting, audit, and fiscal integrity for the NFCYM, CYFUSA and our service centers. This committee shall also develop, implement, and evaluate marketing strategies.

Membership Management Committee

This management committee shall oversee, develop, implement, and evaluate kindred groups, the needs-assessment process, liaisons with businesses and other organizations including other national Catholic organizations, and the development of potential members to the NFCYM.

National Catholic Committee for Girl Scouts and Camp Fire Management Committee

This management committee shall oversee, develop, implement, and evaluate religious recognition programs and training opportunities for diocesan and parish leadership and for Catholic leaders in Girl Scouting and Camp Fire. This committee shall develop new national policies and guidelines to assist regions and dioceses in implementation of religious emblem programs and other programs developed by the NCCGSCF.

Youth Events Management Committee

This management committee shall oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of youth events.

Youth Ministry Development Management Committee

This management committee shall oversee, develop, support, and evaluate initiatives that promote the development of youth ministry.


The eight management committees assure that the ongoing work of the NFCYM is achieved. They:

  • Implement NFCYM policies as directed by the board
  • Review the needs of the membership, the NFCYM's Strategic Plan, and board initiatives
  • Form, oversee, support, approve, and evaluate the efforts of task groups that accomplish the work of the management committee
  • Consult with the executive director on specific issues or areas of work
  • Work with the national staff support as needed
  • Steward the Federation's financial resources

The NFCYM strives to be consistent with Catholic Church teaching in all its content. On this website you will find links to outside resources, including some from non-church organizations. These links do not constitute an endorsement by NFCYM of all content on these sites and none should be inferred. The NFCYM is not responsible for the content of these outside organization’s websites.

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