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The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) supports and strengthens those who accompany young people as they encounter and follow Jesus Christ.

The mission is grounded in the U.S. Bishops’ document, Renewing the Vision (RTV). RTV gives a solid foundation for a comprehensive youth ministry, a roadmap, and a vision that allows each diocese and NFCYM to animate ministry to the young church.


The NFCYM looks to a future when young people see themselves as children of God who live as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ; when the gifts, struggles and diverse realities of young people are welcomed in Catholic faith communities; when pastoral ministry leaders have embraced the joy of the Gospel, and when families are living as the domestic Church.

The NFCYM commits to advancing the field of pastoral ministry to young people by: forming, equipping, and supporting pastoral leaders in their ministry to young people and their families. Modeling and fostering a ministry of acompañamiento among young people of all cultures, languages, socioeconomic and geographic realities. Partnering with parents and equipping families of young people as they witness to Jesus Christ in their daily lives.


  • Guidance of the Holy Spirit discerned through prayer.
  • Fidelity to the mission and teaching of the church.
  • Ministry rooted in prayer and sacraments.
  • Communion with the bishops of the United States.
  • Dignity and giftedness of each person.
  • Inherent goodness, unique gifts and charisms of all young people.
  • Baptism call of each person to discipleship, mission and holiness.
  • Richness of diversity.
  • Promotion of justice and peace.
  • Responsible stewardship of our resources.
  • Wisdom of shared leadership and collaboration.