Our Catholic Faith Patches

Note to Parents/Volunteers

Each patch is earned by youth completing four of the outlined activities.

  • To participate, download the PDF activity sheet for the patch desired.
  • Once the activities are completed and the patch earned, purchase the patch through NFCYM's Online Store.
  • Girl Scouts may place this patch on the back of the sash or vest.

Program Goals

This series is designed for girls grades 1-12. Its goals are to:

  • foster Catholic identity
  • encourage youth to learn more about their faith
  • encourage youth to serve their community
  • encourage youth to grow in holiness


Women in Scripture

The Women in Scripture series focus on individuals who lived lives of courage and faithfulness. These women often fanned the flame of faith in their families and communities and were the backbone of the church and faith since the very beginning of Jesus' ministry. Learn more about these strong faith-filled women.


Models of Faith

Throughout the long tradition of the Catholic Church, women and men have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand up for the faith in the midst of great trials and at deep personal risk. Learn more about these great Models of Faith.

Introducing the Our Lady of Fatima Patch


                        Click here to purchase

                        Click here to purchase

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, the NCCGSCF presents this patch to help youth learn more about this amazing event! You can download the patch activities here . The patch will be available from the NFCYM online store for $2 after June 25th. Click here to view all the available patches.

Jubilee Year of Mercy Patch

A special 2016 Year of Mercy patch is available while supplies last! Encourage youth in grades K-12 to explore some of the wonderful aspects of the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Catholic Church. Download the guidelines. (355 KB)

Visit the NFCYM Online Store to order your patches.