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The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry provides this Resource Site to support and strengthen those who accompany young people as they encounter and follow Jesus Christ.

This Resource Site is continually being updated and developed and we are always seeking best resources for use by ministry leaders in parishes, schools and dioceses across the country. If you have resources to share, please use the button to submit them at any time.

Stay Tuned! This Site is Currently Under Construction...

Links to resources listed below will be coming later this summer.

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Models and Methods

  • Ministering to Youth: Catholic Youth Ministry, Pastoral Juvenil, Accompanying Youth

  • Understanding Youth: Adolescent Development and Teen Culture

  • Ministering with Parents and Families

  • Gathering Youth: Models and Methods

  • Praying with Youth: Prayer Services, Liturgy, Adoration

  • Forming Youth: Adolescent Catechesis/Confirmation

  • Missioning Youth: Evangelization, Discernment and Vocation

  • Empowering Youth: Leadership Development

  • Ministry in Unique Settings (Sports, Campus Ministry, Scouts, Camps, etc.)

  • Celebrating Youth: World Youth Day (US celebration and International Pilgrimage)

  • Questions? Member to Member

Pastoral Practice

  • Violence

  • Bullying

  • Online Safety

  • Youth at Risk

  • Loss/Death/Grieving

  • Dating/Relationships/Sexuality/Pornography


  • Youth with Disabilities

  • Sexual Abuse/Predators/Youth Protection

  • Immigration

  • Natural Disasters

Youth Mental Health

  • Mental Health and Well Being

  • Suicide

  • Anxiety, Depression, Cutting, Self-Injury

  • Substance Abuse

Professional Growth

  • Certification

  • Continuing Education

  • Professional Development Opportunities

  • Networking/Cohort Groups / Ministry Networks

  • Code of Ethics

  • Webinar Recordings

  • Job Bank