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La Alegría de la Catequesis para Adolescentes
Presentadora: Miriam Hidalgo
August 29 at 3:00 pm ET


El documento recién publicado por la Asociación para la Catequesis de Adolescentes será presentado por uno de sus autores primarios, Miriam Hidalgo, que abrirá el documento y ofrecerá sugerencias sobre cómo mejor utilizar el contenido para ayudar a las parroquias y los catequistas a adoptar la visión y los componentes descritos en el documento.
NOTE: This is a similar presentation  to the one on the Joy of Adolescent Catechesis previously presented in May, 2017 in English.

Miriam G. Hidalgo is the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese of Hartford and served as one of the principle authors and lead translator for the Joy of Adolescent Catechesis. 

Confronting the Bullying Epidemic
Presenter:  Roy Petitfils     Moderated by Michael Theisen
August 22, 2017 at 2:00 pm EDT


Bullying is known to be a significant cause of stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide in young people. In this webinar, Roy will discuss what bullying is and isn’t, the most prevalent forms of bullying, psychology of the aggressor and the victim, differences in male and female bullying and practical suggestions for ministry leaders to address bullying. 

Roy Petitfils holds a master of science in counseling and studied ministry and spirituality for five years. He served in schools as a teacher, campus minister, counselor, and administrator. He is currently a therapist at a Catholic counseling center, specializing in working with teens, young adults and couples. Roy has written several books including his upcoming What Teens Want You to Know (but Don’t Tell You). Roy annually conducts retreats, workshops, and parish missions. He hosts the popular podcast “Today’s Teenager,” where he helps adults understand, reach, and influence today’s teens. Roy lives with his wife, Mindi, and two sons in Youngsville, Louisiana.

The Power of Presence: Moving Middle School Youth from Entertainment to Encounter
Presenter:  Amanda Grubbs      Moderated by Jane Angha
September 26, 2017 at 2:00 pm EDT


Teens are constantly surrounded by entertainment whether that is through social media, music, streaming TV shows, or YouTube there is no shortage to the amount of things vying for their attention. So how do we get through? How do we reach through this world of entertainment and create programming that leads teens into a true encounter with Jesus Christ? How do we not only hand on the faith but also create a community that becomes their foundation? This webinar walks through three simple steps to help all those who work with middle school youth to realize the power of presence in programming and how to move their middle school youth from entertainment to encounter. 

Amanda Grubbs is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville with a degree in Theology and Catechetics with an emphasis in youth ministry. She works extensively with middle school youth ministry resources as the Edge Support Coordinator at Life Teen and has been passionately involved in youth ministry since her own conversion to Catholicism in middle school. Amanda, her husband, and their son reside in the desert wilds of Arizona, and when they are not off leading teens closer to Christ, they can be most often found in the great outdoors or at a quaint coffee shop. 

Holistically Pro-Life: Forming the Next Generation’s Respect For & Celebration of Life
Presenters: Katie Prejean McGrady and Tommy McGrady
with panel reactions by Nicholas Stein and Joan Weber      Moderated by Cindee Case
October 10, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


The culture of death, a term coined by St. John Paul II in 1995, seeks to influence young people by crafting a “me first” narrative, thus forming within them a “throw away/disposable” attitude. Teens can very easily fall into the trap of treating people like objects, of having relationships that are based on utility, not authentic connection, and they can begin to believe that human life has little to no value unless it “produces” something of material worth or gives immediate satisfaction. This webinar will address how we can shift this usury, selfish mindset becoming so prevalent in teens today. It will identify how to go from an attitude of “use” to one of “respect for and celebration of” life at every stage and in various contexts by mapping out three specific ways adults can teach and advocate for a “culture of life” that ultimately defeats the “culture of death.” 

Katie Prejean McGrady and Tommy McGrady are speakers, authors, and educators who travel extensively across the United States and Canada speaking at diocesan & national youth, young adult, and adult conferences, various retreats, Advent and Lenten parish missions, and delivering workshops on variety of topics. 
Joan Weber is the Project Coordinator for Youth and Family Ministry Services at the Center for Ministry Development. 
Nicholas Stein serves as the Young Adult Ministry Leader for the Sisters of Bon Secours, based in Marriottsville, Maryland.

Going, Going, Gone… the Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics
Presenters: Bob McCarty, Frank Mercadante and Br. Armand Alcazar     Moderated by Lisa Gomes
November 7, 2017 at 2:00 pm EDT


Saint Mary’s Press recently conducted extensive research with young Catholics who have left the Church. This session will identify the underlying dynamics that lead to disaffiliation, describe the factors that reinforce those dynamics, and examine the implications for parish life, vocational discernment, and pastoral ministry. And we will also propose pastoral strategies that enhance affiliation and engagement with the faith community.

Meet the Panel:

  • Bob McCarty, D.Min – pastoral trainer and consultant, serving as the coordinator for the Saint Mary’s Press (SMP) research project on disaffiliated young Catholics. (
  • Frank Mercadante - the founder and Executive Director of Cultivation Ministries, has trained thousands of youth ministry leaders in over 100 dioceses internationally and has authored several books, including Engaging A New Generation (OSV 2012). Frank is a member of the SMP research team. (
  • Br. Armand Alcazar, FSC –a professor at Lewis University with a career in high school and university ministry, holds degrees in Theology, Guidance and Personnel Services, Ministry of Religious Education, Spirituality and Religious Studies.  Brother Armand is a member of the SMP research team. (

Walking the Tight Rope: Balancing Life and Ministry Within the Family Circus
Presenters: Chris and Linda Padgett   Moderated by Jane Angha
December 12, 2017 at 2:00 PM EST


Have you ever felt like your best efforts at maintaining balance in the circus of your family life is a bit above you pay grade? Does it seem like you get control of one thing and three others completely unhinged? You are not alone. Linda and Chris Padgett talk about the reality of these difficulties and some of the ways they have dealt with these chaotic moments. With nine kids, ages five to twenty five, the Padgetts have a wealth of knowledge to encourage families wanting to not only help their kids explore the benefits of sports, academics, music and play, but they want to enable them to be successful men and women with character, integrity and a strong faith life. This presentation is meant to offer simple tips to help you balance the circus of family life, and give plenty of time for you to ask questions or concerns about your family as it tries to walk the fine line of balance in a time of extremes. 

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